New Parenting PLR – Toddler Terrible Twos

New! Parenting PLR – Toddler Terrible Twos parenting-plr-terrible-twos The Toddler Terrible Twos eBook PLR includes the following: * Professionally written PLR eBook * Mini site professionally designed includes sales, download and affiliates pages * Sales copy to help you sell your eBook * eCover and Banner graphics that match the mini site design * Complete source files include .DOC & .PSD * Only 100 licenses available …and it’s only $27.00 Don’t forget you can earn 50% commissions on this package along with any of our other packages that are still available. Only 100  PLR Licences available Click Here to Order the “Toddler Terrible Twos” PLR Package]]>

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Running – Fitness PLR Articles

Running – Fitness PLR Articles runningfitnessplrartricles Running –  Fitness PLR Articles · Running For Beginners – A General Overview For Beginners · The Benefits of Running · 5 Running Tips For Beginners · 7 Tips For Women Running · Best Running Shoes For Beginners · Running Injuries – (Overview & how to avoid) · Tips for Starting a Running Fitness Program · Seven Tips to Choose a Running Training Program · Running To Lose Weight · How to Start a Treadmill Running Program · Is Trail Running Right For You? · 5 Great Reasons to Run a Race · Are You Ready To Train For a Marathon? · Learn About Cross Country Running · What is Chi Running and Is It Right for You? Click here to Purchase Now]]>

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Press Release Profits – PLR Package

Press Release Profits – Full PLR Rights to this Package press-release-plr-package The package includes (with PLR rights) -> The original self-study guide -> Accompanying audio for the self-study guide -> Press release formatting software -> Step-by-step software user guide -> Bonus guide: Affiliate Marketing with Press Releases -> Bonus guide: Niche Marketing with Press Releases -> Bonus guide: SEO with Press Releases -> Graphics for all the components…each with the .PSD files, so you can make your own edits and customizations. -> Sales page to promote your product -> Ready-made download/thank you page. -> 15 pre-written emails to build a list -> Opt-in page copy and thank you page If you’re in the market for a ready-to-go complete product (just add your own branding, personalization and monetization), claim your PLR license right here: Press Release Profits PLR Package Only 150 packages will be sold]]>

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PLR List Building & Email Marketing Articles

New! PLR List Building & Email Marketing Articles plr-list-building-and-email-marketing PLR Article Titles Include: -What is List Building? -Why Do You Need to Build a List? -Choosing a Niche for List Building -Building Your List through Opt-Ins -List Building with Freebies -Article Marketing and List Building -Autoresponders and Email List Building -More About Autoresponders -Use Newsletters to Build Your List -Create Squeeze Pages Only 75 article packs available! Grab your PLR List Building & Email Marketing Articles by clicking here.]]>

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How to Save Money – PLR Articles

How to Save Money – PLR Articles Mega Pack


This Mega Pack includes a 5 Page Report about – Surviving an Economic Crunch (2,195 words; aprox. 5 1/2 pages).  The report discusses the current state of the economy from an American and world view.

Topics included in this report are:

1.) The Economy Will Improve 2.) Gas Prices Climb 3.) Food Crisis Looms 4.) High Food Prices Drain Budgets 5.) Discretionary Income Remains Flat 6.) Credit Card Debt Not the Answer 7.) Help from Rebate Checks? 8.) Families Making Difficult Choices 9.) Vacations Getting More Expensive 10.) Sales Tax Collection Is Down 11.) Fewer Dollars for Entertainment 12.) Addicted to Debt 13.) It’s Not the End of the World 5-Pack of Articles on Saving Money on Gas 1.) Can You Save With These 3 Alternative Fuels? – 446 Words 2.) Learn How to Drive to Burn Less Gas – 512 Words 3.) Trade in Your Gas Guzzler for a Hybrid – 455 Words 4.) Follow These 5 Hypermiler Tips – 477 Words 5.) Change Your Habits and Lower Your Gas Expenses – 473 Words 5-Pack of Articles on Food Savings 6.) Saving Money While Dining Out – 514 Words 7.) How to Cut Costs at the Grocery Store – 486 Words 8.) Getting Groceries at the Dollar Store – 537 Words 9.) Nix the Midday Lunch Breaks with Co-Workers – 499 Words 10.) Coupon Strategies for Families on a Food Budget – 537 Words 5-Pack of Articles on Saving Money on Utilities 11.) Is Your Electric Bill Almost as Much as Your Mortgage? – 524 Words 12.) Save Money on Household Gas Bills – 476 Words 13.) Slash Your Telephone Bills and Save! – 551 Words 14.) The Biggest Electric-Guzzling Appliances in Your Home – 511 Words 15.) What to Do When Your Water & Sewer Bill Soars – 537 Words 5-Pack of Articles on Travel Savings 16.) How to Save Money on Airfare as Prices Keep Rising – 517 Words 17.) Don’t Scratch Your Family Vacation Just Yet! – 518 Words 18.) Cruise Travel Still Doling Out Hefty Discounts – 525 Words 19.) 7 Ways You Can Save on Your Travel Expenses – 505 Words 20.) Untraditional Ways to Save on Your Travel Costs – 550 Words 5-Pack of Articles on Save Money on Your Mortgage 21.) How Paying More on Your Mortgage Can Save You Money – 513 Words 22.) Make Mortgage Lenders Compete for Your Money – 522 Words 23.) Is Refinancing Going to Help You Save on Your Mortgage? – 490 Words 24.) Two Ways to Save When You Buy a Home – 507 Words 25.) Plug in Points to See How Your Financing Will Pay Off – 494 Words 5-Pack of Articles on Saving Money for College 26.) Does Your Child Have Enough Money for College? – 541 Words 27.) How to Get Free Money for College – 486 Words 28.) Student Loan Management Tips – 495 Words 29.) How to Raise Money for College Tuition – 547 Words 30.) Help Your Child Cut Costs at College – 513 Words 5-Pack of Articles on Save Money on Gifts 31.) Save Money on Christmas Gifts – 565 Words 32) Find Free Shipping for Gift Purchases – 556 Words 33.) Ways to Save Money on Wedding Gifts – 499 Words 34.) Give a Homemade Gift Basket to Save Costs on Presents! – 498 Words 35.) Unique Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank! – 467 Words 5-Pack of Articles on Family Entertainment Savings 36.) Movie Fun Savings for Families – 503 Words 37.) What Your Kids Want Most Is Time, Not Money – 515 Words 38.) Around Town Savings for Family Fun – 487 Words 39.) 7 Frugal Family Fun Nights – 496 Words 40.) Educate Your Kids, Have Fun, and Save Money, Too! – 492 Words 5-Pack of Articles on Saving Money on Dates 41.) Being Frugal Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be Cheap! – 525 Words 42.) Some of the Most Romantic Dates Are Free! (or Almost) – 507 Words 43.) Is She Open to Going Dutch on Your Date? – 573 Words 44.) Plan to Go Out By Staying In! – 539 Words 45.) Date During the Day to Cut Costs – 537 Words 7-Pack of Articles on Ways to Earn Extra Money 46.) Getting a Second Job for the Short-Term – 562 Words 47.) Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer – 456 Words 48.) Start Your Own Home-Based Business – 529 Words 49.) Get a Better Job – Turn Your Hobby Into a Money Machine – 532 Words 50.) Sell Some Stuff on eBay! – 622 Words 51.) Pay Off High Interest Debt and Then Invest Wisely – 535 Words 52.) Have a Garage Sale Where Everything Must Go – 564 Words *While the public will be paying $57 for this pack ($1 per page), you’re only going to have to pay $47 for all 57 pages if you order from the link below: Click here to grab this Mega PLR Pack]]>

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