Facebook User Guide – PLR

Facebook User Guide – PLR 15 pages, fully illustrated DIY guide Limited Copies of 50 Available until Aug. 31, 2010

  • How to Add and Organize Your Friends (3 pages / 9 images): Get started adding friends and getting organized.
  • Setting up Facebook Applications (3 pages / 8 images): Set up your own applications, remove applications you don’t want to see, etc.
  • Setting up Your Profile & Privacy (4 pages / 7 photos): Everyone’s concerned about online, and in particular Facebook privacy. This guide shows them how to be aware and set up their privacy accordingly.
  • Posting to Facebook (4 pages / 8 images): Make your way around, post to your wall, your friends walls adn more.
  • Bonus! 25 Facebook Tips (1 page): A quick guide with extra Facebook tips to help your user make the most of Facebook (text only)

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Getting Started with iPhone iOS 4.0 – DIY PLR

New! Getting Started with iPhone iOS 4.0 – DIY PLR The release of the iPhone iOS 4 is currently one of the hottest topics on the Internet. PLR Rights Bundle Topics Include:

  • Upgrade Your iPhone to iOS 4.0 (6.5 pages): Shows your readers step-by-step what they need to go through the process of updating their current iPhone to iOS 4.0.
  • How to Create & Manage Folders for Your iPhone Apps for Maximum Organization (5 pages): The new operating system allows users to arrange their apps into folders, making it easier to manage large numbers of apps and find frequently used apps as well.
  • How to Create & Manage Playlists Right on Your iPhone (3.5 pages): Previously, iPhone users could only make music playlists on their computer. Now they can easily add, edit and manage their playlists right on their phone.
  • How to Use Your Camera’s 5x Digital Zoom Feature (1 page): Taking better pictures is so much easier, but if you’re readers aren’t aware of the feature, they may not know it exists. These short illustrate instructions show them how.
That’s a full 16 pages of illustrated, ready-to-go or ready-to-edit and monetize content! *Less than 50 copies available; number of pages includes images. ]]>

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