The Perfect Crockpot Roast Dinner – DIY PLR

“The Perfect Crockpot Pot Roast Dinner” Quick Bundle Licenses Available: 100 95 Available Until: August 20, 2010 That’s a full 28 pages of illustrated, ready-to-go or ready-to-edit and monetize content, including 31 photos! Here’s a super handy dinner recipe for your readers. One crockpot and a whole meal is prepared from roast to gravy to vegetables. Top it off with the easy-to-make Yorkshire puddings and the meal is perfected. The preparation time is minimal and the instructions are simple…your readers will thank you for making Sunday dinner so much easier. PLR Rights Bundle Topics Include:

  • How to Make a Complete Pot Roast Dinner in the Crockpot (17 pages / 22 photos):
Shows your readers how simple ingredients can make a fancy dinner that the family will think they slaved over. Everything is covered from ingredients, step-by-step preparation instructions and more.
  • How to Make Yorkshire Pudding from Scratch (9 pages / 9 photos): Shows your reader how to make their own Yorkshire pudding with basic ingredients and from scratch. Each step is explained and includes photos.
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Facebook User Guide – PLR

Facebook User Guide – PLR 15 pages, fully illustrated DIY guide Limited Copies of 50 Available until Aug. 31, 2010

  • How to Add and Organize Your Friends (3 pages / 9 images): Get started adding friends and getting organized.
  • Setting up Facebook Applications (3 pages / 8 images): Set up your own applications, remove applications you don’t want to see, etc.
  • Setting up Your Profile & Privacy (4 pages / 7 photos): Everyone’s concerned about online, and in particular Facebook privacy. This guide shows them how to be aware and set up their privacy accordingly.
  • Posting to Facebook (4 pages / 8 images): Make your way around, post to your wall, your friends walls adn more.
  • Bonus! 25 Facebook Tips (1 page): A quick guide with extra Facebook tips to help your user make the most of Facebook (text only)

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Getting Started with iPhone iOS 4.0 – DIY PLR

New! Getting Started with iPhone iOS 4.0 – DIY PLR The release of the iPhone iOS 4 is currently one of the hottest topics on the Internet. PLR Rights Bundle Topics Include:

  • Upgrade Your iPhone to iOS 4.0 (6.5 pages): Shows your readers step-by-step what they need to go through the process of updating their current iPhone to iOS 4.0.
  • How to Create & Manage Folders for Your iPhone Apps for Maximum Organization (5 pages): The new operating system allows users to arrange their apps into folders, making it easier to manage large numbers of apps and find frequently used apps as well.
  • How to Create & Manage Playlists Right on Your iPhone (3.5 pages): Previously, iPhone users could only make music playlists on their computer. Now they can easily add, edit and manage their playlists right on their phone.
  • How to Use Your Camera’s 5x Digital Zoom Feature (1 page): Taking better pictures is so much easier, but if you’re readers aren’t aware of the feature, they may not know it exists. These short illustrate instructions show them how.
That’s a full 16 pages of illustrated, ready-to-go or ready-to-edit and monetize content! *Less than 50 copies available; number of pages includes images. ]]>

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