Family Fun Fitness – 15 PLR Articles, Plus an Unbranded Video for Leads

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Family Fun Fitness PLR Articles Include: Backyard Games You Can Play Become a Role Model for Your Child Facts About Childhood Obesity Fun Family Activities – preschool (3-5 year olds) Fun Family Activities – elementary ages (6-12 year olds) Fun Family Activities – teens Get the Neighborhood Involved Habits of Healthy Families Incorporating Exercise without the Kids Knowing It Keeping Everyone Motivated Making Family Fitness Mandatory Making it a Family Affair Setting Up For Success — Create a Plan Everyone Will Stick To Weight Loss: Advantages of a Vegan Diet Why Fitness is So Important 10 Tips for Family Fitness Success
Discount: 40% off article bundles
Expiry: October 19, 2013 at 11:59 PM EST

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PLR Fitness Content – Kettlebells, Bonus PLR Articles & Ebook

New! PLR Kettlebell Articles – Plus, Bonus PLR Articles & Ebook Tiffany has researched trends in workouts and even looked on Pinterest and saw a ton of Kettlebell information for both men and women. So she not only created a nice new 10-pack of PLR articles about Kettlebells for only $10, but she’s also throwing in some extras into a special offer… You get the following NEW 10 PLR articles on the Kettlebell as following: 1. What Is Kettlebell? – 413 words 2. Kettlebell Workout Tips – 428 words 3. Top Kettlebell Exercises – 467 words 4. Kettlebell Drills You Can Do at Home – 407 words 5. What to Expect in Kettlebell Classes – 409 words 6. Kettlebell DVD Training – 429 words 7. Buy a Kettlebell – 428 words 8. Kettlebell for Women – 423 words 9. Why Kettlebell Fitness Is Hot – 424 words 10. Kettlebell Reviews – 451 words You ALSO get a few extras bonus PLR items thrown into the mix, which total $70 worth of freebies: A 50-page eBook called 50 Diet Tips for 2012. It’s called 50 Tips for 2012 and each tip is its own chapter (you could even add two more and have one tip per week of 2012 if you want to). It has a title page, hyperlinked table of contents, and then the chapters. This is definitely a diet plan that you can feel GOOD promoting. It’s not stuff that contains harmful advice – it’s solid and easy to digest information. It’s the practical stuff we should all be doing. It’s 17,620 words and technically it’s 69 pages, but some of those are just overflow from the previous page. A 5-pack of PLR on Butt Exercises. 1.) Best Buttocks Exercise – 505 words 2.) Butt Exercises – 451 words 3.) Flat Buttocks Exercise Help – 494 words 4.) How to Get a Bigger Buttocks Exercise – 518 words 5.) Reduce Buttocks Exercise – 498 words A 15-pack of Gain Weight PLR (especially perfect for skinny guys looking to bulk up) 1.) Can’t Gain Weight – 455 words 2.) Gain Weight and Muscle – 466 words 3.) Gain Weight Diets – 458 words 4.) Gain Weight Fast – 450 words 5.) Gain Weight Foods – 434 words 6.) Gain Weight for Women – 487 words 7.) Gain Weight Healthy – 465 words 8.) Gain Weight Pills – 470 words 9.) Gain Weight Program – 524 words 10.) Gain Weight Protein – 455 words 11.) Gain Weight Shakes – 427 words 12.) Gain Weight Supplements – 457 words 13.) How Can I Gain Weight? – 440 words 14.) How to Gain Weight Faster – 489 words 15.) How to Gain Weight for Men – 562 words All of those are FREE when you buy the $10 Kettlebell PLR pack here:


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Fitness Mistakes PLR Ecourse

Fitness Mistakes ~ PLR Ecourse fitness-mistakes-plr-ecourse A few fitness mistakes listed:

  • Not using weights for fear of getting bulky
  • Not exercising at all because there’s not enough time
  • Not exercising because of a past injury or illness
  • Exercising solely to lose weight and once the initial goal is met, quitting
  • Believing it’s necessary to follow “perfect” eating habits in order to be successful
Get a total of 10 Mistakes Keeping You from Getting Fit with this plr ecourse package. Click to grab this PLR Fitness Ecourse Limited quantities: *Each eCourse is limited to 200 Customers and will then be removed from this site.]]>

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