Coping with Cancer PLR Report – Coupon Code for Discount

Coping with Cancer PLR ReportCoupon Code for Discount – Valid for limited time! Only 150 Will Ever Be Sold – 6000 Words – 14 pages Outline: Introduction Part 1: After the Diagnosis Part 2: How to Remain Strong Part 3: Know What You’re Up Against & Gather Information Part 4: Legality and Advocating for the Patient Part 5: Keeping Things Organized Part 6: Staying Strong – Physically Part 7: Staying Strong – Emotionally Part 8: How Do I Deal with all the Thoughts and Emotions? Part 9: Your Support Options Part 10: Alternative Support and Healing Final Thoughts COUPON CODE: “CANCERSUCKS” to Save $10 on this item. (Only $5 after coupon for the next few days.) **All proceeds are going to Nicole’s friend, whose sister who has cancer. She’ll be able to get an airplane ticket so that she can go be with her sister.


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