Essential Survival Guide – PLR Report – Step-by-Step Tutorials

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Here’s more details: [10,739 words] The report contains the following 15 chapters: Why You Need to Know Survival Common Mistakes of Wilderness Survival 10 Medicines That Are Important for Survival How to Find and Treat Water so It’s Safe for Drinking How to Find and Use Wood to Make a Fire How to Look at the Clouds to Detect the Weather How to Navigate in the Wilderness How to Start a Fire Without a Match or Lighter How to Survive in Cold Weather The Best Types of Food to Pack for Survival The Reasons Why You Should Get a Survival Knife The Top 10 Tools and Equipment for Successful Survival in the Wilderness Top Tips for Survival Fist Aid What to Put in Your Survival Kit Why Shelter is Important for Survival Two Tutorials: 1. DIY Mousetrap (With 15 photos) 2. DIY Emergency Camping Stove (With 15 photos) *Coupon for 50% off: survival50 (ends June 29)

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