Grow Your Own Food – Gardening PLR Content

Jennifer has release some quality gardening PLR content titled: “Grow Your Own Food

This is perfect content for health bloggers and those who are in the home and gardening niche and the weight loss niche. The gardening season is now approaching, so grab this gardening PLR content and put it into good use.

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Grow Your Own Food” content bundle – PLR Articles, Report, Images, Social Media.  What you get:

You’ll get 20 pages of NEW gardening PLR content which will be perfect for promoting gardening tools and supplies, seed packets, small trees, fertilizer, potting soil and other items.

15 PLR Articles
5-Page Report
Report Cover
Social Media Post

15 Gardening PLR content articles cover the following topics:

1. Benefits of Growing Your Own Food (405 words)
2. Health Benefits of Fresh Produce (407 words)
3. Tips to Start Your Own Herb Garden (427 words)
4. How to Start a Square Foot Garden (405 words)
5. The Best Vegetables For Beginners (426 words)
6. Fruits That Grow Well in Pots (414 words)
7. Plants That Can Regrow Themselves (447 words)
8. Natural Ways to Improve Your Soil (401 words)
9. How to Time Your Planting (434 words)
10. Vegetables That Only Need Partial Shade (409 words)
11. What is Lasagna Style Planting? (404 words)
12. You Can Grow These Nuts at Home (396 words)
13. What You Should Know About Composting (411 words)
14. Ways to Make Gardening More Decorative (401 words)
15. Intro to Canning Vegetables (404 words)

5-Page Report: Grow Food Indoors

5 pages, 5 sections, 1,931 words

1. Grow These Vegetables Indoors
2. Fruits That Only Need Limited Space
3. Start a Mason Jar Herb Garden
4. Microgreens: Why They Grow Indoors
5. Tips For Growing Food Indoors

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