[New PLR Package] The Art of Highly Effective e-Newsletters

The Art of Highly Effective e-Newsletters is a fully customizable training program that consist of a 52 day email ecourse, worksheets, infographics, materials for teaching the course in other formats (such as slides), and promotion materials.

Newsletter-Marketing Course: Here’s how we divided up the main topics covered covered: Getting Started Part 1 – Planning Your Email Newsletter Part 2 – Designing Your Email Part 3 – Choosing Your Newsletter Topics Part 4 – Writing Your Newsletter Part 5 – Tips for Relationship Building Part 6 – Monetizing Your Newsletter Part 7 – Evaluating Your Results Putting It All Together Course Workbook 45 page workbook contains worksheets for completing the learning activities in the course. Most of the 52 emails involve completing an assignment on a worksheet. Some of the activity sheets included are: Target Market Demographics Sheet Delivery Schedule Calendar Newsletter Structure Breakdown Chart Ideas Bank Font Sample Sheet Idea Generation Tools List Questions on Building Relationships Ways to Monetize Checklist Metrics Checklist …..and many, many more! Premium Infographic: The 7 Keys to Creating Highly Effective e-Newsletters _______________________________________
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