New Kids Crafts PLR – 12 Tutorials

Casey just released 12 New Kids Crafts PLR Tutorials – CLICK HERE TO VIEW MORE DETAILS NOW

Kids love doing crafts, and any season is the perfect time to construct fun, festive creative projects. Use this kids crafts PLR package to spark some ideas for your readers.  They’ll love you for it!

Not only are these craft projects a lot of fun – it will also encourage children to take pride in their work and a chance to see their work proudly displayed in their home. It will spark their own imagination and allow them to learn motor skills.

What audience is this private label content perfect for?

Crafts are popular for parents, teachers, Sunday school teachers, home school parents, and more.  You could even turn some of these tutorials into videos for kids.

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Become your audience’s guide, mentor, teacher, and biggest fan. When you do this, you’ll gain more trust from your audience. More trust translates into more authority and sales.

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Dog Training PLR Articles & Reviews

New! Dog Training PLR Articles & Reviews –  Click here to grab these now 10 Article Titles: Puppy Training Techniques: Tips to Train your Puppy (505 words) Remote Dog Training Collar: Using a Remote Dog Training Collar (547 words) Training Aggressive Dogs (497 words) Dog Clicker Training: Training Your Dog with a Clicker (553 words) Dog Obedience Classes (499 words) Dog Training Aids: Tools To Help You Train Your Dog (505 words) Dog Training Equipment: Tools for Training Dogs (511 words) Dog Training Tricks: Tricks for Your Dog (580 words) How To Crate Train A Dog (524 words) Crate Training an Older Dog (538 words) 5 Product Reviews PetSafe Yard and Park Remote Dog Trainer, PDT00-12470 (851 words) Karen Pryor, Getting Stared: Clicker Training Kit for Dogs PLUS (816 words) SportDOG Rechargeable No Bark 10R Bark Control Collar (889 words) Imagine Life with a Well-Behaved Dog: A 3-Step Positive Dog-Training Program [Paperback] (847 words) Innotek SD-2000 Basic In-Ground Pet Fencing System (859 words) *Early bird special pricing for limited time


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Puppy Training – 15 PLR Articles

New! Puppy Training – 15 PLR Articles – Click Here 1. Controlling Puppy Chewing The Furniture – 438 Words 2. Controlling Excitement Urination – 442 Words 3. Controlling Puppy Barking – 422 Words 4. Crate Training a Puppy – 446 Words 5. House Training a Puppy – 437 Words 6. Puppies and Separation Anxiety – 449 Words 7. Reducing Aggression in Puppies – 431 Words 8. Socializing a Puppy – 437 Words 9. Teach a Puppy Not to Jump Up – 449 Words 10. Teach a Puppy To Fetch – 457 Words 11. Teach a Puppy to Not Be Possessive Over Food – 452 Words 12. Teach a Puppy to Sit – 436 Words 13. Teach a Puppy to Walk on a Leash – 441 Words 14. Teaching Puppies to Stop Biting – 447 Words 15. Training a Puppy to Come – 447 Words As always, Nathan’s offering you a discount for the first 7 days (until Monday March 5th, 2012). It’s a 15-article pack which would usually be $15 – but, if you’re an early bird, you can grab it for just $10. **The discount is automatically applied in the cart.


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Puppy Training – 10 PLR Articles

New! Puppy Training PLR Articles Only 150 Will Ever Be Sold 7400 Words Total PLR Article Titles: 1. Welcoming A New Puppy Into Your Home – Are You Really Ready 2. Successful Puppy Potty Training Depends On You 3. Learn Why And How To Crate Train Your Puppy 4. How To Keep Your Sanity With A New Puppy In The Family 5. Use Your Head And Heart To Choose A Veterinarian For Your Puppy 6. Popular Training Tools For Your New Puppy 7. Introducing Your New Puppy Into The Family – Blending The Pack 8. Learn The R.E.S.T. Method Of Taming The Chewy Puppy 9. Essential Toys For Your New Puppy To Learn And Play 10. Enroll Your Puppy In Obedience School To Learn The Ropes BONUS! 1300 Keyword Phrases about Puppies.


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